Sensor 2.0
Sensor 2.0
Creating Openness in a Virtual World

SENSOR 2.0 utilizes an innovative virtual environment to encourage greater openness among qualitative respondents.

By participating virtually, via self-created avatars, respondents are quicker to convey emotion and share more personal information then they do in face-to-face focus groups.  

SENSOR 2.0 is a great platform to reach young adults /  millennials and teens who like gaming and those with difficult-to-talk about conditions 

THE AVATAR: The face of Virtual Qualitative Research

  • An Avatar is a graphical representation of a user’s persona, created in a three-dimensional form existing in a virtual environment
  • “Avatar” also refers to the personality connected with creator / user
  • Created in your image or as you see yourself, adding another level of emotion
  • Respondents are more engaged in the research as a different level of commitment is established

Sensor has broad applications to enable greater anonymity for respondents along with the ability to bring respondents from diverse geographic areas together in one virtual “room.”

Want to learn more?  Email sensor@frcresearch.com