Our Story

The Reason We’re Different

We’ve re-imagined FRC to be a different and better experience from the other research companies. Unlike most other companies, we offer a collaborative, responsive, tuned-in extension of your team.  

In 2016, FRC merged with Lieberman to form FRC, A Lieberman Company.  Now FRC is the same company you have come to rely on, only better. We provide greater resources, enhanced efficiency and the same uncompromising commitment to client satisfaction.

Senior Leadership

Our senior staff is involved in day to day management of every stage of research to provide ongoing consultation, actionable and insightful marketing focused deliverables, and knowledge to make the project successful.

Our People

Highly experienced, highly skilled, dedicated to developing needs-based solutions while delivering world-class service.

Our Partnerships

We’re a collaborative organization that has built strong, lasting client relationships.  Our clients come in all shapes and sizes and we serve as an extension of their teams.

We're Innovative

We’re uncovering insights everyday through new and better ways of engaging consumers that give you the most relevant and reliable insights.

Our Reputation

It’s built on success, we have testimonials to prove it!

We're Nimble

We provide the same reach as the big players, but we’re far more agile and responsive.  We will get your most pressing questions answered, challenges resolved, quickly and accurately.