Qualitative Research Services
Qualitative Research Services
We have a strengthened qualitative division with experienced senior researchers who lead the way with creative insights.

We apply proven techniques derived from psychology to probe for in depth learning and use psychological theories to help in the analysis of results.  The result is qualitative learning that gives you a profoundly deeper understanding of target needs and how your products might satisfy them.

Our in-house qualitative research team delivers game-changing ideas and strategies for clients.

Shopper Insights

Explore consumers’ path-to-purchase, specific triggers and interactions with brands and products in a real shopping environment.

Projective Techniques

Gain insight and access the subconscious, as participants project their feelings through unique and out of the box practices that reveal personality, inner thoughts and emotions.


Observe, analyze and understand consumers and their behaviors in their natural settings- where they live, shop, work, eat and play.  In person or even through face-to-face on mobile devices.

Online Research

Bring traditional research techniques to life via web enabled platforms that turn your conference room into the “back room.”  Geographic dispersion, scheduling and more is easier!  Plus, communicate with the moderator for real time probing to further explore key issues.

Qual/Quant Hybrid

A synergistic approach utilizing one in-house team for qual and quant stages of research.  This  eliminates the need to on-board a new team for qual or quant research!

Customer Journeys

Capture detailed experiences throughout a customer journey.  We’ll map it out for you!