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Concept Optimization


Whatever your company’s mandated concept testing service is, the bar is set high for excellence to ensure the final results are valuable. Testing is not always easy and it becomes time consuming and expensive. That is why it is essential to run concepts by consumers and optimize them in advance of final testing.

Concept Optimization Can Help

FRC utilizes Chatterbox, a dynamic and flexible pre-testing tool that is fast, targeted and easy.  Utilizing a qualitative or qual/quant hybrid methodology, participants provide feedback on pre-concepts privately or within a group setting, on their schedule, from anywhere in the world.  In order to target your ideal audience, recruits are a qualified and screened group of subjects specific to your consumer segment.  Reactions vary from comments, images and even videos about their opinions, yielding deeper and more emotional feedback.  You can even do a multi-day engagement where you solicit feedback, make adjustments, and then obtain feedback on your changes.  With Chatterbox, you are leveraging the latest technological advancements to answer key questions that get your new product ideas and concepts ready for the next step.

Ideal for Concept Optimization, Concept Prioritization, Campaign Evaluation, Optimization, Consumer Exploration and Idea Development and Prioritization.

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