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Case Studies

Case Study for a Quick Service Restaurant (QSR)


Does ad exposure increase visits to a restaurant?

Geo-fencing’s passive tracking ability was successfully utilized to see if advertising influenced respondents actions and behaviors. Via GPS signals, respondents were tracked over an extended period of time to see if they actually visited a Quick Service Restaurant after exposure to their ad. Geo-fencing was beneficial because if a respondent entered or passed the QSR, there was also an ability to ask additional follow up questions.

Primary Objective: Determine if ad exposure during a movie at a theatre led to an increase in visits to a QSR.

Methodology: After the main survey was fielded, respondents were tracked for a 4 week period to see if they visited the QSR.

Results: Respondents exposed to the ad were +55% more likely to visit the QSR, and did so at a greater frequency.